Thermal Insulation Range

Our Thermal insulation products include Softcoat A+ & Softcoat 1.0 these products combined with Argon Gas and Warmedge Spacer bar will easily help you achieve your needs, whether it be for the Energy Rating Purpose or For the Centre Pane U value Results required in our industry today.

CGC SoftCoat A+

SoftCoat A+, a thermal insulating glass meeting the highest performance and quality standards that is designed to exceed your expectations on transparency and solar heat gain.

Softcoat A+ Offers an enhanced thermal performance with an increased level of solar heat gain. Using SoftCoat A+ should not only have a positive effect on your heating costs, it may also help improve levels of comfort in your home. Softcoat A+ is specifically designed to satisfy all national and local building regulations throughout the UK and Ireland, achieving the highest window energy rating performance and U value compliance.


CGC SoftCoat A 1.0

The increasing cost of energy, sustainability of natural resources and the reduction of harmful CO2 Emissions are at the forefront of political and environmental concerns today. The construction industry is constantly being challenged to significantly reduce the future energy requirement in buildings, the greatest energy loss being that of heat through the external envelope of a building. In comparison with other construction materials, state-of-the-art insulating glass units provide excellent thermal insulation together with high transparency. SoftCoat A 1.0 is a soft coat Low E glass, which when combined with Argon Gas can get U values on a Double glazed Sealed unit down to 1.0 created using the most advanced magnetron glass coating technology.